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Curiositas, the 5th elements

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Marc Lamey

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Marc Lamey is a professional French photographer located in Paris France;
With a strong Inspiration coming from Music, Marc focus mainly on Portraiture Photography, Fashion and on implementing beauty into cityscape; Marc loves portraits; Staging the beauty of a woman's face and bright colors, and you begin to enter Marcuniverse. A touch of symbolism and a reading on many levels, a contrast of meaning, and then your arewelcome in his world of interpretation of the portrait and beauty.
The first serie of Marc than bring him recognition was a serie titled “Woman, Water and Colors” that was figuring close-up portraiture in colored water that got widely published between 2010-2012;
Marc was initially starting photography as “Nature Photography” expanding his passion for the wild in Africa or Eastern Asia to Photography in the beginning of the year 2000 and nowadays keep “Nature Photography” as a vacation pleasure;;
Marc moved to studio modeling in 2008 with portraiture and later one to fashion photography in the recent time; In many cases Marc is playing the role of artistic creator into his fashion photography in assembling himself the ingredients of his fashion projects while collaborating with independent fashion designers;
- 2018 Digital foto Pro Netherland Uitslag Fotowedstrijd: Spanning contest 1st price
-2018 One winner in the Aerial Photography of the year Skypixel 2017
-2017 ,Trierenberg Super Circuit:,Gold Medal , MUSIC AND DANCE
-2017 ,Trierenberg Super Circuit:,Gold Medal , ARCHITECTURE AND SIGHTS
- 2016 ,Trierenberg Super Circuit:,Gold Medal ,Series and Sequences,, Eiffel Tower
- Finalist Hasselblad Masters 2016 in Fashion-Beauty
- Second price Fashion FIPA 2015 (Fine Art Photography Award)
- Two time finalist and special THE FACE 2014 (USA) organised by Digital Photo Pro
- Moscow International photo awards 2014 , Honorable Mention
- Shortlisted in Professional photographer of the year 2014 - UK
- 1er prix, urbanPhotography par la Mairie du 12éme arrondissement
- Honorables mentions dans divers catégories IPA 2012 et IPA 2013
- Sélection / Exposition à Vichy 2011 pour la rétrospective Denis Rouvre; Sélection / Exposition à Vichy 2013;
- Prix Zeiss, concours Compétence Photo 2011, serie « Where the wild roses grow »
- Parmi les 10 meilleures photos du XXIème siècle (Hors-série Réponses Photo n° 13)
- Prix Photo, Le plus Grand concours du Monde, 2011, Magazine Photo
- 3éme Lauréat catégorie Open portrait, du concours Créative Asia (Honk-kong);(2012)
- Mention dans la catégorie portrait à New-York, International Photography Awards 2012 (IPA/Lucie awards)
- Lauréat 2012 du concours annuel du magazine américain Popular Photography dans la categorie People;